Frequently Asked Questions

1. durability. how durable are your parts? Made from hard plastic. I've hit them with a hammer and ran over them with my car. They aren't meant to be abused but they can certainly take a ton of use

2. reliability. How reliable are your parts? We have function tested and live fire tested our parts thousands and thousands of times and the parts function just like parts from the factory

3. testing

4. temperature. Our parts have a melting point of over 300 degrees Fahrenheit 

5. guarantee. We guarantee our parts for 

6. function. The Advantage +1 Follower adds +1 round of .380 or 9mm to your Glock Gen3/4/5 magazine. One extra round can make a difference. Unlike other parts manufacturers that add capacity to magazines by extending the length of the magazine ~ Our parts add capability without changing the ease of concealment. By changing just the follower we do not change the profile/length of the magazine or the ability to conceal the magazine. Making a follower with a high visibility contrast color is value added. Easily identify when a magazine is empty and increase speed and efficiency when needing to reload. After the magazine is empty the Advantage +1 Follower locks the slide back to the rear position every time just like the Glock factory follower.

7. colors. We offer our parts in many highly visible colors. Glock factory Gen3 and Gen4 followers are black. By having a highly visible contrasting color it increases visibility and ease of identifying when a magazine has become empty. We made multiple colored followers about a year before Magpul offered their aftermarket Glock compatible magazines with orange followers and about 2 years before Glock Gen5 magazines where released with orange followers.