Installation Instructions

Advantage +1 Follower Installation Instructions

1. Carefully read all instructions before attempting to disassemble magazine.

2. I use 2 small flathead screwdrivers (2 small Swiss army knives) and a metal punch to remove the Glock 42/43/26/19/17/34 Gen3/4/5 baseplates.

3. I insert the flatheads from the back/rear of the baseplate then slide them forward to the retention tabs to remove the tension on the notches on the baseplate and the retention tabs on the magazine housing.

4. Then I insert the metal punch into the hole in the baseplate to unlock the "lock plate" inside of the magazine, then slide the inserted metal punch forward to move the baseplate forward slightly (about 1/4 inch) and clear the retention tabs.

5. Remove the screwdrivers and the metal punch.

6. Warning - Place your thumb/hand over the baseplate because when you remove the baseplate the spring and lock plate are under tension from the spring and will come flying out. Wear safety glasses or eye protection when removing the baseplate and spring. Point the baseplate and bottom of the magazine away from you as you remove the baseplate.

7. Slowly and carefully remove the baseplate, lock plate, spring, and follower.  

8. Replace the factory follower with the new Advantage +1 Follower.

9. Important - Before you reassemble the magazine with the new follower - Only Glock 19 Gen4 magazines labeled "Austria" below the numbers CAN keep the lock plate (and increase the capacity by +1). I personally do not keep the lock plate with any of my Glock 19 magazines. Please keep reading.

10. Glock 26/19/17/34 Gen4 magazines labeled "1594-01" and Glock 19 Gen3 and Gen5 magazines CANNOT keep the lock plate (but will increase the capacity by +1) - if you try to keep/retain the lock plate the magazine will not load and fit rounds properly, the fit will be too tight, and the weapon will not cycle/function properly.

Our testing has shown: Glock 42 magazines can keep the lock plate. Glock 43 magazines can keep the lock plate. Glock 26 magazines can keep the lock plate (with use with the flat baseplate). Glock 17/34 magazines can keep the lock plate. We have not tested our followers in the Glock 33 round magazines.

11. The high visibility contrast color (orange, yellow, red, pink), the increase of +1 capacity, and not changing the overall profile of the magazine are the key features of the improved follower. 

12. After proper installation of the new follower to the spring, figure out if you should retain or remove the lock plate, and carefully reinsert the new follower and spring into the magazine and reattach the baseplate of the magazine. With Glock 19 magazines - If you aren't sure, do not reinstall the lock plate.

13. Fully load the magazine (Glock 19 magazine will now have a capacity of 16), the first few times you fully load the magazine it may be a tight fit - we recommend you use a magazine loader (such as the Maglula uplula pistol magazine loader) when loading your magazines.

14. Once fully loaded, depress the first/top/last loaded round in the magazine, the round should be able to be depressed to about the primer or middle of the primer on the magazine housing/body/tubing. If the top round does not depress to the primer something is wrong and the magazine will not cycle properly, carefully disassemble the magazine completely and reassemble it again - the rounds must have a few millimeters of wiggle room to function reliably/properly.

15. If the magazine fully loads and the top round depresses to the primer or middle of the primer properly I recommend letting the fully loaded magazine sit for 24 hours before live fire function testing the magazine at the range - (and yes of course you can chamber a round and then fully top off the magazine as well and it will function 100% reliably) - good luck! enjoy!

16. If you have trouble with installation please contact us directly at and we will personally help you